Lauren London Talks Having 'Pure Love' With Nipsey Hussle and Why She Thinks Many Relationships Are 'Ego-Driven'

Angie Martinez has just launched her new podcast, 'Angie Martinez IRL,' and its first episode features Lauren London talking about loss, love, and persevering.

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Angie Martinez recently launched the inaugural episode of her new podcast, Angie Martinez IRL Podcastand her first guest was Lauren London. The two talked about what life has been like for London since the passing of Nipsey Hussle, how she’s been navigating through it, her thoughts about relationships, and much more.

During the chat, London spoke about the “pure love” she and Nipsey shared and how she believes many relationships are “ego-driven.”

“I think a lot of them [relationships] are ego-driven and they’re not pure. So why would I take myself in this vulnerable state into my ego when I’m trying to get out of it? I’m in death of the ego space. Why do I need another? Why? Does that make my life complete? I’ll never get married does that mean I’m not on purpose?” she said. 

Speaking about her relationship with Nipsey, Lauren said, “We had pure love but that does not mean that our egos did not get attached in aspects of our relationship. But we definitely had pure love, always good intention.”

She continued, “I didn’t think about it until I wasn’t in a relationship anymore because of the death. A lot of times we are such in our ego that we are in possession of another person. We’re not experiencing them, we’re not totally loving them and letting them be free. We think we’re supposed to be together forever, and that’s not a spiritual relationship. A spiritual relationship is without the ego. We are together, I bring you up and inspire you, and you inspire me. If there ever comes a point where am not inspired anymore and now I’m in my ego, and now I feel I need to possess you, now I feel the need to control you, and you’re mine then I’m in my ego. And that’s not love. There’s love in there, but now I’m operating in my ego and not in my pure love.”

Also during their conversation, Martinez brought up how put together London looked at Nip’s funeral. London talked about how she was going to wear sweats to the service, but Diddy helped uplift her to make it there.

“I can honestly say God was carrying me through that,” she said at the 34:26 mark. “That wasn’t me, that was all God. I didn’t even want to get dressed, I was going to wear sweats. Puff pulled me aside and was like, ‘Look, you have showed everybody what it looks like to hold a man down and to love him, now show them what it looks like when it all crumbles. That’s your responsibility.’ He’s like a real brother.”

Also in the interview, London opened up about wanting to leave Los Angeles but said she won’t just yet because she doesn’t think it’s the right time for her family.

Watch the full interview with Angie Martinez and Lauren London on Angie Martinez IRL Podcast up top.

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