Netflix Testing Out 'Shuffle Play' Feature That Will Pick What You Watch

Netflix is testing out a new "Shuffle Play" feature that will solve your inability to decide what to watch by just picking something for you.

Netflix Corporate Offices in Hollywood

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Netflix Corporate Offices in Hollywood

Netflix is testing out a feature called "Shuffle Play," which will help their millions of subscribers who continuously comb through their menu suffering from decision paralysis figure out what to watch by simply streaming a title at random.

In addition to helping indecisive people make up their minds, this new gimmick will also double as a feature that could get viewers to expand their libraries, and therefore get them hooked on more shows/movies. It's a win for both sides.

Variety reports that, for now, it's only available on Netflix accounts connected to TVs. For those that try out "Shuffle Play," you'll find that Netflix is trying to find things for you to watch that are similar to what you previously viewed by playing content in either your "My List" section, or by showing you stuff in genres you've already watched. 

You can find the "Shuffle Play" button in three different spots, either under your profile name when you boot up the service, in the home screen's "billboard area," or on a sidebar in the TV menu. 

Shouldn't be super hard to locate.

To get to this current point in their shuffling plans, Netflix first tested out a random-episode button for select TV programs on their Android app back in 2019, then they rolled out a "Shuffle Play" in July of this year. 

The next stop will be making it permanent. 

“The purpose of the test is to make it easier for members to find something to watch,” said a spokesperson for the streaming giant. "The hope is to absolutely productize something."

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