California Taps Larry David for Coronavirus PSA: 'I Basically Want to Address the Idiots Out There'

Larry David gives a PSA to people who are still going out and socializing despite the pandemic.


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Larry David

Perhaps tapping into an idea first used by the state of New York (I think, I don't monitor these), California mined their well of more senior celebrities for the sake of making a PSA telling you to self-quarantine for an indeterminate amount of time. Probably forever. The celebrity they're hoping gets through to those who haven't heeded previous advice? Larry David

Yes, the 72-year-old Curb Your Enthusiasmstar appeared in a PSA that was aired via footage posted to the Governor's Twitter account. This is not the first effort that David has made to aid those in need as the coronavirus continues to plow along. Previously, he set up a GoFundMe for caddies who are out money due to golf courses closing down. 

As for this latest effort to bring awareness, like famous people from NY before him, Larry went the route of telling the undeterred that they could get old people who are important to them sick even if they don't give a fuck about their own health. 

“Obviously, somebody put me up to this, ’cause it’s generally not the kind of thing I do,” David begins. He then says he wants to "address the idiots out there — you know who you are — you’re going out, I don’t know what you’re doing, you’re socializing too close, it’s not good. You’re hurting old people like me… well, not me, I have nothing to do with you, I’ll never see you.”

He then says that you can go on to get your relatives sick and that this is a "once in a lifetime opportunity" to just sit in your house and watch TV.

"Go home! Watch TV! That's my advice to you," he says. 

You can watch his entire announcement below:

If that doesn't do it for you maybe next week they'll get Clint Eastwood and then the week after martial law.

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