'Grand Theft Auto' Fan Interrupts German TV Show to Ask What's Going on With 'GTA 6'

A 'Grand Theft Auto' fan in Germany walked onto the set of a live TV show to ask the moderator directly, "Where the hell is GTA 6? I’m still waiting for GTA 6!"

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Grand Theft Auto fan desperate enough to crash a German TV show to inquire about the release date of GTA 6 did, well, exactly that. The bar has been raised for the group of impatient (not that I totally blame them/you) devotees who make that same topic trend on Twitter every few months or so. 

While Grand Theft Auto V is set to get another enhanced update for the most recent generation of consoles in November (note that said title originally came out in 2013), and the original trilogy that spanned from GTA 3 to San Andreas (with Vice City in-between), is rumored to be getting some sort of remaster, tangible news (or even credible rumors) on GTA 6 remains nonexistent. 

Cue the aforementioned and unnamed German who walked onto the set of the games show Hit The Star to say to the moderator, a man named Elton, “Where the hell is GTA 6? I’m still waiting for GTA 6!”

As you can see in the 41-second clip above, he freaked the host Evelyn Burdecki. As you can also see, security didn’t exactly swarm the stage. 

“Please set a sign. Shout into the camera “Where is GTA 6?” the fan continued. 

Elton actually humored the topic, saying “I haven’t even finished GTA 5 yet.”

As for concrete answers, the hosts had none (not that they would). Crazy expectations for AAA titles brought on by extremely powerful consoles make for long-ass wait times. Obviously no release date for the next Grand Theft Auto has been given. Refresh Google/Twitter/your gaming news sources maybe once a month? as often as you want with your expectations set accordingly. 

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