Maitland Ward Says She Makes 6 Figures Per Month Through OnlyFans

Maitland Ward, who made headlines for going into the adult film industry after starring on 'Boy Meets World,' told TMZ she makes 6 figures a month on OnlyFans.

Maitland Ward

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Maitland Ward

Maitland Ward, the former Boy Meets World actress who made headlines after she jumped into the adult film industry, says that she regularly makes six figures per month off of people subscribing to her OnlyFans account. 

For those unaware of what OnlyFans is (likely story) let this explainer change that. 

Ward revealed this inexact but sizable monthly income figure to TMZ when she and a cameraman of theirs happened to be at the same L.A. cafe at the same time on Sunday. She said it in the context of said cameraman asking her if OnlyFans “has been lucrative” due to people being home a lot more because of the pandemic

Ward praised her fans, and said that the isolation and stress caused by the pandemic led to a need “to connect and get off.” At that point she added that she feels “very fortunate, because I get six figures a month from OnlyFans.” She adds that the OnlyFans income alone is more than she made in her mainstream acting career. 

You can watch below:

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In addition to her OnlyFans activities, it was reported just a few days ago that she would be returning to TV in a sitcom called The Big Time. The New York Post writes that the show will center around a “world-famous adult superstar.” Shooting for that is set to start in May.

“I want to slay both industries,” she said to the Post. “I love and embrace both. Me being bold and free in my sexuality and so out there with it has really given me that power. When I was like this innocent flower, I was letting everyone else dictate what I should do or what I should be.” 

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