Is Selfie Rat Better Than Pizza Rat?

In 2015 it's pizza rat vs. selfie rat.

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It's the year of the talented rodent. Early this summer we were gifted with pizza rat, the devoted cutie that dragged a slice of pizza down subway stairs. Now we are here to introduce you to a new soon-to-be-famous rat: selfie rat. 

Don Richards, a man visiting some friends in Brooklyn for the week, had an atypical (or typical?) late night New York experience. He was waiting for a train when he noticed a man passed out drunk. For whatever reason, he deicded to film the man and was able to witness something extraordinary. As seen in Richard's video above, the man all of a sudden stands up, revealing a rat crawling right near him. 

Richards sent in the video to Fox61, and the news source alleges that rat was up to some un-rat-like behavior. Instead of clawing all over the sleeping man, or doing something despicable and/or gross to wake him up, the rat simply took a photo of itself with the phone. It was the flash and sound of the camera that jolted him awake. 

Unlike with pizza rat, where there was clear proof of a pizza being dragged down the stairs, there's no evidence that selfie rat is in fact selfie rat. Nevertheless, we live in a godless world. All we can do is believe. 

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