A Reindeer Escaped From a Christmas Event and Caused a Lot of Problems

Rudolph on the loose!

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For some reason a poor reindeer found itself being a Christmas prop at a grocery store earlier this weekend. Clearly not okay with the whole situation, the animal escaped and caused some commotion. Was it trying to get back to the North Pole in time for the holidays? Perhaps. 

At a Christmas event in the UK town of Carlton, Nottingham, a reindeer that was supposed to be greeting holiday shoppers ran away after it was startled by a car horn. The poor creature was almost hit by a bus, but fortunately was found hiding out in a nearby garden. Can we blame it? 

The Nottingham Post tweeted a photo of the loose reindeer, which you can check out below.

Here's an update to the escaped reindeer story, with added amazing picture: https://t.co/e1ABB1C8Il pic.twitter.com/F6duSIOzIl

— NottinghamshireLive (@nottslive) December 20, 2015

Happy holidays. 

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