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Every single day mail people all around the country wake up bright and early. They drink their coffee, black, before heading out on the road. They know they have power. They know what they do is hard work. But they also know that without them this country would cease to be great. Still, there's one particular mail person, a man hailing from Falmouth, Massachusetts, that's the bravest and boldest of them all. 

I don't know his name. I only know that this man faces indescribable obstacles, gobstacles. Each morning as he prepares to deliver his mail he is attacked by a throng of loud and violent turkeys. As seen in the video above they chase after him, never tiring. He is forced to carry a stick, a pole he holds behind him to ward the creatures off. The most heartbreaking part of it all? Well, at one point in the video he speaks into the camera.

"Every day," he says, shattering a million hearts. 

A member of the Reddit community found it wise to share this mailman's plight with the world. "My local mailman has to carry a big stick, because every day he is mercilessly hunted down and attacked," he says at the beginning of the thread. It may be a line from President Teddy Roosevelt, but, if anything, it feels more right to this situation than to our turn of the century foreign policy.

Anyway, we wish him luck as he continues to deliver—without thanks—Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons to the residents of Falmouth. Don't let them break you.