People Have Thoughts on J. Cole’s ‘The Simpsons’ Line About Kendrick Lamar’s Career

Cole dropped off his new project 'Might Delete Later,' where he hit back at Kendrick on "7 Minute Drill."

Two male musicians perform on stage, one wearing a sports jacket and the other in a layered outfit with a headpiece
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Two male musicians perform on stage, one wearing a sports jacket and the other in a layered outfit with a headpiece

We finally received a response in the Big 3 rap beef.

On Thursday night, J. Cole fired back at Kendrick Lamar on “7 Minute Drill”—the closer on Cole’s new project, Might Delete Later.

He still doin' shows, but fell off like The Simpsons
Yo first shit was classic, yo last shit was tragic
Yo second shit put n***as to sleep but they gassed it
Yo third shit was massive and that was yo prime
I was trailin' right behind and I just now hit mine

The idea that The Simpsons fell off is a widely held belief amongst many diehard fans of the show. While the animated program continues to air and has enjoyed a Gen Z resurgence in recent years, the episodes from the 1990s are typically considered the show's golden age. This is evidenced by the fact that the majority of Simpsons memes that populate social media and keep the shows legacy alive today—from Homer going into the bushes to steamed hams to old man yells at cloud and so many more—are mostly from '90s episodes.

A lot of fans weren’t feeling Cole comparing Kung-Fu Kenny’s career to The Simpsons though.

The North Carolina native went on to diss Kendrick’s catalog, calling Good Kid, M.A.A.D City a "classic," Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers "tragic,"To Pimp a Butterfly boring to the point it put people to sleep, and DAMN. "massive."

Check out fans’ reactions below.

His diss is to call one of the best albums in the history of mankind Boring? 😭😭😭

— 🐺 (@rangebrothas) April 5, 2024
Twitter: @rangebrothas

J Cole real life responded to that Kendrick verse with “he fell off like the Simpsons”

— ©️ (@V1N1JR) April 5, 2024
Twitter: @V1N1JR

Lame diss cause he knows this isn’t true. Cole definitely fucks with Mr Morale

— Panduuuhhh (@Panduuuhhhh) April 5, 2024
Twitter: @Panduuuhhhh

Homer simpson listen to J Cole - 7 minute drill:

— 84% Battery (@40_40vision) April 5, 2024
Twitter: @40_40vision

"You fell off like the Simpsons"? J Cole isn't serious, I can't believe he got washed so easily by Kendrick. What is this? 😭

— FRENCHFRY (@__french___fry) April 5, 2024
Twitter: @__french___fry

J Cole spent 2 weeks over his desk like this and came up with “He fell off like the Simpsons” 💔

— Walter White Seal (@WalterWhiteSeal) April 5, 2024
Twitter: @WalterWhiteSeal

Last month, Kendrick slammed any thought that the Big 3 existed. On Future and Metro Boomin’s We Don’t Trust You album cut, “Like That,” Lamar rapped, "Yeah, get up with me, fuck sneak dissing/'First Person Shooter,' I hope they came with three switches.” While he didn’t mention Cole and Drake by name, he referenced the pair’s collab from the Toronto artist’s 2023 album, For All the Dogs.

Kendrick continued:

Think I won't drop the location? I still got PTSD
Motherfuck the Big 3, n***a, it's just big me
N***a, bum, what? I'm really like that
And your best work is a light pack
N***a, Prince outlived Mike Jack'
N***a, bum, 'fore all your dogs gettin' buried
That's a K with all these nines, he gon' see Pet Sematary

Drake hasn't yet formally responded, though he has issued multiple subliminals since We Don't Trust You arrived.

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