Brad Pitt Hit With Countersuit in Winery Battle for Allegedly Misappropriating Funds

The Oscar-winner's legal battle over Château Miraval continues.

Gregg Deguire / Getty Images for Turner

The latest chapter in Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's ongoing legal battle over their $500 million French winery, Château Miraval, is unfolding.

TMZ reports Pitt has been countersued for misappropriating funds from Chateau Miraval by the company that his ex-wife is trying to sell her shares to.

Pitt previously sued the Tenute del Mondo wine group to block them from purchasing Jolie's shares in Chateau Miraval. Tenute del Mondo is now suing the actor, claiming he used the winery as his "personal piggy bank," as he spent over $1 million to renovate a pool only used by him, plus a recording studio, gin brand, and cosmetics company.

Pitt's team is shutting down Tenute del Mondo's suit, telling TMZ that the actor isn't impressed with Tenute's legal action.

"We're told Chateau Miraval is only as successful as it is because of how Brad has run it," the outlet reports, "and the notion he plundered it for his own personal gain is absurd and it would only hurt him if he did the things they're claiming he did."

Prior to getting married in 2014, Pitt and Jolie purchased Château Miraval, with Brad owning 60 percent to Angelina's 40 percent. The same year the former spouses got hitched, Pitt endowed Jolie with an additional 10 percent stake in the property to split ownership evenly.

Back in February, a Luxembourg court ruled that Jolie's additional 10 percent ownership must be given back to Pitt after the actress sold her shares to Yuri Shefler, an investor and owner of the Stolichnaya vodka brand.

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