IShowSpeed Bit in the Face by Dog in South Korea After Getting Too Close

The puppy attacked IShowSpeed in South Korea after the internet star got in its face.

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Social media influencer IShowSpeed went head-on with a dog and the dog won.

The internet personality, who's recently been in South Korea, held a live stream in the Asian country on Tuesday night (May 14), where at the 23-minute mark of the video below, he began barking at a dog being held by a passerby. After getting too close to the pup, IShowSpeed, born Darren Jason Watkins Jr., was aggressively bitten on the nose.

After shouting some expletives, IShowSpeed barked at the dog again and repeated, "He just fucking bit me!" The streamer began bleeding from the side of his nose and asked, "Do he got rabies?"

"How you say 'Fuck you' in Korean?" he asked a bystander, who replied that he could say it in English.

While the woman and her frightened dog remained, IShowSpeed cleaned himself up and joked that he was "suing" before saying, "I'm trolling, I'm trolling." "It was my fault," he continued. "Oh my fucking God. You're okay, you're okay."

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Speed's face got bitten by a dog in South Korea 😭

— Speedy Updates (@SpeedUpdates1) May 14, 2024
Twitter: @SpeedUpdates1

Throughout his Korea takeover, IShowSpeed has wreaked havoc on animals and humans alike, even being apprehended at the North Korean border by the military for trying to stream and having his phone confiscated.

“I went to go to North Korea, right?” he said in the clip below. “I tried to bring my LiveU and stream and stuff. They took my LiveU, they took my stream.”


IShowSpeed stopped by military from streaming the North Korean border…

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