Rami Malek and Pete Davidson Take on 'Squid Game' in 'SNL' Sketch

'SNL' host Rami Malek and Pete Davidson participate in a spoof of Netflix's 'Squid Game,' where they sing a sad country song about how broke they are.

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Pete Davidson and guest host Rami Malek appeared in a Saturday Night Live sketch of Netflix’s popular show Squid Game, showing the two as participants in the contest.

Davidson and Malek sing a country-esque song about the game, using the music from Branchez and Big Wet’s own country spoof, “Turn Up on the Weekend.” But instead, Davidson and Malek sing about how they signed up for the contest because they were deeply broke. One scene shows Davidson’s face splattered in blood as he sings, “There’s a robot girl who caught me running, better duck behind the nearest guy.” They also sing about the prize money and converting it from the South Korean Won to U.S. dollars.

In the end, Davidson kills Malek and wins the money, only to squander it by gambling—and ultimately returning to Squid Game.

Elsewhere, Malek and Davidson appear in a classroom-style game show sketch where celebrities have to provide the answers. Here, Malek and Davidson play each other—and the rest of the SNL cast plays celebrities John Oliver, Jennifer Coolidge, Adam Driver, Kristen Wiig, George Takei, and Lil Wayne.

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This was Malek’s SNL hosting debut, which also saw Young Thug later perform the songs “Tick Tock” and “More Than Anything.” In Malek’s opening monologue, the actor addressed his “resting villain face,” reminded fans he won an Oscar for playing the late Freddie Mercury, and more.

Malek stars in the latest—and Daniel Craig’s last—James Bond installation, No Time to Die, where Malek portrays the villain, Lyutsifer Safin.

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