Watch Pete Davidson and Aidy Bryant Sing a Song About Being Edible Gummies

For her 'SNL' debut, Regina King appeared in a sketch where she acted as a cop who ate edibles and started imagining two gummies singing songs.

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Regina King’s Saturday Night Live debut included a number of hilarious sketches, including one titled “The Negotiator,” where she plays a cop who eats some gummy bears that had some trippy side effects.

Unbeknownst to King, those gummies include THC—and they hit while she was in the midst of a hostage negotiation. As she’s talking through a megaphone to a man on a roof who is holding a gun to his hostage (Mikey Day), Pete Davidson appears in the seemingly corporeal form of a gummy bear, singing a largely nonsensical song. “I’m a weed gummy, yes I’m a weed gummy,” he says. “You should not have eaten me. I’m going to tell your family. I’m a weed gummy and you’ll be high forever.”

King is perplexed, as the cop next to her, who’s played by Bowen Yang, keeps asking if she’s okay. “I think I died,” she says. “I’m definitely dead.” Aidy Bryant shows up, also dressed as a gummy bear—and Davidson and Bryant begin to duet on the roof, standing next to the man with the gun and his hostage. As King begins to calmly lose it, it also startles the man with the gun. Eventually, the man lets his hostage go. “This is all kinda starting to freak me out. So you know what—you guys win. Just get me out of here,” the man says. The sketch ends with King passing out on top of a cop car.

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