NBC Says 'Seinfeld' and 'Friends' Reboots Won't Happen, But 'The Office' and '30 Rock' Still Could

'The West Wing' “also seems to have favorable odds of returning,” as well as '30 Rock.'

With the reboot of Will & Grace and Roseanne, everyone’s hoping their favorite show gets revisited—however, some aren’t destined to get the modern treatment.

NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt shared during a recent Hollywood Reporter event that Seinfeld and Friends will likely never be revisited, per the A.V .Club.

While Greenblatt feels energized by the enthusiasm for the “reboot genre,” he is mindful of remaking every single one of the network’s hit TV shows. “We can’t just reboot everything,” he said during the event. According to THR, “Friends, for example, he says will never happen. Seinfeld is also virtually guaranteed to never be rebooted.” When asked about a revival of the everyone’s favorite Boston bar, the NBC head said, “I’d love to have the Cheers reboot if it were 20 years ago.”

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Still, The Office—which John Krasinski would like to see return for at least a holiday special—could make a genuine comeback. Greenblatt shared that it’ll “likely [be] without the full original cast.” The West Wing “also seems to have favorable odds of returning,” as well as 30 Rock. All hope is not completely lost.

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