Don Lemon Got Lit During New Year's Eve Special and Pierced His Ear on Live TV

Don Lemon got drunk in New Orleans and pierced his ear on national TV during a New Year's Eve special because why not.

It really doesn’t matter how wild your New Year’s Eve got. Even if you woke up in a Laundromat on the outskirts of Queens wearing nothing but a feather boa and ski boots, Don Lemon probably has you beat. 

The CNN anchor was in New Orleans as part of his annual New Year's Eve antics and decided there was only one way to send off 2016. After multiple shots of liquid courage, Lemon decided to get his ear pierced on live television. 

“If this hurts I’m gonna be so mad,” he said before the piercing. “Don’t get blood on the jacket. It goes back to Brooks Brothers.”

The bold move capped off a night in which Lemon proved once again that he’s the hardest partying anchor in all of cable news. In fact, Lemon was so lit, that at one point CNN decided to cut off his mic entirely. “2016 was awful,” Lemon says before the feed abruptly ends.

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Even Anderson Cooper took to Twitter to shout out Lemon and his co-host, Brook Baldwin, for their prolific on-air boozing. “It seems @donlemon, @BrookeBCNN got the #CNNNYE party (and the drinking) started a little early down in New Orleans,” Cooper wrote. 

Lemon also documented his wild night on social media with a photo of his new stud, and captioned it with two simple words: “This happened. #cnnnye” 

We officially want to party with Don Lemon.

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