Don Lemon reports on the day's headlines—but also frequently makes headlines himself. 

Since 2006, the 49-year-old Louisiana native has been just one of a few black CNN news anchors to appear on television. Unfortunately, Lemon's presentation of the news is often overshadowed by his frequent verbal flubs.

His latest gaffe? Complimenting comedian Kathy Griffin for having a "nice rack" during a live national broadcast on New Year's Eve. Did Lemon have one drink too many before ringing in 2016, or was he just "Don-Lemoning"—that is, popping off at the mouth—as history proves he tends to do?

The CNN Tonight host is no stranger to making controversial comments. The black communitysexual assault victims, and even children have all been subjected to Lemon's questionable questions. That might be why the Columbia Journalism Review named Lemon among 2014's worst in journalism.

Here are some of Lemon's worst foot-in-mouth moments: