Ohio University Fraternity Caught On Camera Singing "Send Nudes" to Sorority

The fraternity has been suspended pending investigation.

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You'd think by now fraternity members would've learned not to be racist, sexistassholes—or at least not to get caught on tape. But brothers of Acacia at Ohio University forgot that crucial detail when they performed a serenade outside the Alpha Delta Pi house Wednesday night. Like most fraternity chants, this one included some artful lyricism: "Send nudes, don't let me down. Take my soft dick and make it harder." Nice.

Olivia Hitchcock, a senior at OU and the campus newspaper's copy chief, heard the song from the steps of the library, which is across the street. Needless to say, she was not impressed.

A spokeswoman for OU later confirmed that the men singing on Alpha Delta Pi's porch were indeed members of Acacia. According to her, "Acacia has been issued a directive to immediately cease and desist all organizational activity while the investigation is ongoing." Hitchcock tweeted that Alpha Delta Pi has refused to comment on the video, saying it was taken out of context—because apparently blatant sexism is open to interpretation.

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