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We're midway through August, which is that time of the year when colleges commence classes across the country, and I begin to feel old AF. Gone are the days of the booze-filled syllabus week for this washed 23-year-old. But one thing I don't miss around this time is rush—or any aspect of being in a fraternity for that matter. 

Your latest reminder that fraternities are largely filled with trash men who propagate racism, sexism, and a variety of other repulsive behavior comes from Sigma Nu at the University of Central Florida. The chapter has been suspended after it was caught on tape chanting about rape, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The school is currently conducting an investigation, and the fraternity could face punishment ranging from a weak ass imposition of community service to a full on expulsion.

In the video above you can hear "a brother yelling, "Let's rape some bitches, rape some sluts" before chanting "rape" over and over again. This, of course, is an unwelcomed fraternal transition from the SAE chapter at the University of Oklahoma chanting about lynching black people in favor of letting them join the fraternity. If you're an incoming freshman do yourself a favor and avoid the bigoted fuckery rampant in Greek Life.