Anderson Cooper, Best Guy Ever, Outfits Entire Police K-9 Unit With Bulletproof Vests

His donation came after one of the department's dogs was killed.

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We already know that Anderson Cooper is a delightful human being, but it turns out he's even more angelic than his silver hair suggests. After a police dog named Krijger was killed during a standoff in Norfolk, Virginia, last Monday, Cooper donated enough money to the Norfolk Police Department to outfit their entire K-9 unit with bulletproof vests.

"He's such a good dude, and genuine" Jimmy Hatch, a retired Navy SEAL, told the Virginian-Pilot. Apparently Cooper "wasn't keen" on Hatch publicizing his donation, but Hatch, "told him I was going to do it anyway." Hatch's charity, Spike's K-9 Fund, is named in honor of a K-9 dog he worked with in Iraq who was shot and killed in the line of duty. Cooper donated his speaking fees for an upcoming lecture in Norfolk to Hatch's charity, which will in turn purchase vests for the police department's dogs.

Hatch wouldn't say exactly how much Cooper had donated, but it was enough to buy 18 vests (which retail around $2,200 apiece) for Norfolk's K-9 unit, with enough left over to outfit some of the neighboring town's units as well. In related news, it is very, very expensive to hire Anderson Cooper for a lecture.


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