Twitter Just Flexed on Politicians Who Try to Delete Their Terrible Tweets

Twitter is bringing back Politiwoops, the archive of all the deleted tweets politicians don't want you to see.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Politiwoops, a network of sites dedicated to making sure that politicians' tweets are saved permanently, even the regrettable ones that they later delete, is coming back.

The Verge reports that Twitter announced today that it plans to help get Politiwoops going again sometime in the next few weeks. Pressure from rights groups and transparency advocates may have helped push the decision after Twitter was criticized for shutting down Politiwoops over the summer.

At the time of that decision, Twitter reportedly told the Open State Foundation that ran Politiwoops that Twitter didn't want to distinguish between politicians and regular users.

"Imagine how nerve-racking -- terrifying, even -- tweeting would be if it was immutable and irrevocable?," Twitter officials said.

Twitter has since had a change of heart, though. In the announcement on Twitter's official blog the company included a statement from CEO Jack Dorsey:

"We have a responsibility to communicate our roadmap in a clear and transparent way to everyone in this community. We have a responsibility to have an open dialogue with you to make sure we are serving you in the best way. We have a responsibility to continue to empower organizations that bring more transparency to public dialogue, such as Politwoops. We need to make sure we are serving all these organizations and developers in the best way, because that is what will make Twitter great. We need to listen, we need to learn, and we need to have this conversation with you. We want to start that today."

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