Rats Continue Their Slow but Inevitable Takeover of NYC

New York received a record number of rat complaints this year, aka the rats are winning.

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Sleep tight, New Yorkers, There are more rats in your city than ever, based on the record number of rat complaints received by the city recently. According to The Associated Press, there have been more than 24,000 calls about rats over each of the past two years and the city is struggling to keep up.

Are the rats winning? Think about it, we've already seen them gorging themselves on the finest food on earth, presumably taken from a human in some sort of strong-arm robbery. We've also seen them kicking the crap out of NYC's other nuisance animal in an obvious power move for sidewalk turf. 

And it's not just the subway tunnels anymore, either. The rats are living it up in public parks apparently.

"It's like the Burning Man of rats," one Upper West Side resident told the AP of her local park. "They're just sitting there in a lawn chair waiting for you.  I don't know what the city can do about this rat condominium. It's really gross."

Need more proof? What about this?

OK, so I admit that's not a real street sign, it's a prop for the next season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but still, it's at least proof that the rats are taking over Netflix.

There are an estimated two million rats in NYC now. The only advantage I can see to that is great quotes from city officials like Comptroller Scott Stringer, known as the self appointed "rat czar."

"I've seen rats walking upright, saying, 'Good morning, Mr. Comptroller," he told the AP. "It's unsightly to see rats running through neighborhoods like they actually bought a co-op somewhere."


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