There Are Real People who Believe the California Drought Is a Government Conspiracy

There are a growing number of people who think that the government is purposely causing the drought in California.

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Although scientific experts say he's 100 percent wrong, a man in California is leading a conspiracy theory movement that believes the government is to blame for the state's years-long drought. It would be easy to totally ignore him if so many people didn't believe him. 

According to CBS Sacramento, more than 1,000 people showed up to hear Dane Wigington, "lead researcher" for something called GeoEngineering Watch, speak at an auditorium in Redding, California this week.

Wigington's theory – which he says "will reveal a truth that will shake society to its core" – is that the government is spraying heavy metals such as aluminum into the sky off the coast of Cali in an attempt to block out the sun and stop global warming. As a side effect, Wigington says, those metals are blocking the region's rainfall and causing the drought. 

"There’s no question. The connection is inarguable," he told the station. He also has dozens of YouTube videos, mostly of him freaking out about the "chemtrails" that jets leave in the sky (which are essentially water). 

Actual scientists, of course, are all like LOL. 

“I would find it more likely—I’m not saying it’s actually happening—but it’s more likely there are extraterrestrial visits to the Earth (laughs) than this kind of thing happening,” a UC Davis professor of atmospheric science with degrees from MIT and Yale told the station. “I don’t know anyone in my field who believes that.”

So basically, it's about as likely as this guy's theory that gay sex is causing the drought

You can watch the station's whole interview with Wigington here


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