Who Said It? 'Veep' vs. Hunter S. Thompson

Who's got the better drags 'Veep' or Hunter S. Thompson?

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Welcome to back to Veep, beloved. For those of us who've been waiting with bated breath for what feels like years (it's been 10 months) for its fifth season to return to HBO, last night was fully lit—that is, after the dust from last night's Game of Thrones premiere settled. If you've yet to hop on board with this painfully hilarious and whip-smart political satire (which was just renewed for another season), now's as good a time as any. Seinfeld alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus is joined by a cast of equally blessed comedic talents—Tony Hale (Arrested Development), Matt Walsh (Comedy Bang! Bang!), and Anna Chlumsky (The End of the Tour) not the least among them—for this parody of the worst Washington has to offer.

Having secured her place in the White House with much of the same tomfoolery that went down when she was still junior to the Commander in Chief, Selina Meyer will stop at nothing to hold down her position as first female president. But incessant Ls on the part of her bumbling staff leave President Meyer (and her few reliable confidants) frequently swearing within an inch of her life. This all makes for some great comedic television, of course, but we couldn't help notice that some of the first episode's best drags and digs are on par with those in Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72. The father of Gonzo journalism offered an unprecedented look into presidential campaigns and sonned its participants like only he could. So who said it? A character on Veep or Hunter S. Thompson? Take our quiz below to test your pop culture know-how.


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