Fresh off her two SAG Award nominations earlier this year, Julia Louis-Dreyfus returns to our screens to reprise her role as POTUS Selina Meyer. Veep no longer, Meyer finished out the fourth season in the Oval Office—the first woman in Veep's universe to do it. Now the HBO series returns with higher stakes than ever as Selina campaigns to hold down her position in the White House with no thanks to her bumbling entourage. And with its newest season having made our Most Anticipated TV roundup for 2016, this one's fully out here with that whip-smart Louis-Dreyfus humor.

In its new 2-minute trailer, the team is back to its old antics. Sitting at a conference table in a White House wing, Mike (Matt Walsh) makes the astute observation that "we need more votes for you, ma'am" in order to win. As for their planned course of action? Make her look more presidential, of course. That seems to take shape in the form of meeting with Olympic kayakers (bronze winners, not gold), dodging Jonah Ryan like her career depends on it (it does), and evidently fucking John Slattery (who's reprising that Roger Sterling charm as a yet-unnamed newcomer).

No word yet on whether we'll see anymore of that sexual tension between Meyers and Tom James (Hugh Laurie), or whether Gary will finally grow a spine, but we're here for every minute of hilarious dragging that's about to go down.