Have you heard? The HBO series Game of Thrones is back tonight, and it's the biggest event on television this year since Johnny Cochran got O.J. acquitted. To say anything less, whether you're a fan of the medieval drama or not, would just make you a hating ass peasant. So beloved is this series that one of its lead characters—I'm looking at you, Tyrion Lannister—polled a higher likability score with Americans than either of our presidential front-runners. And if that isn't enough to convince you that this show's more than worth its weight in Lannister gold, there are havoc-wreaking dragons to boot.

The free world all the way up to our Commander-in-Chief has been waiting to find out if Jon Snow is really "dead," gotdammit, and the wait is blessedly over. A season premiere ten months in the making deserves to be treated like the event programming that it factually is. As such, the Complex Pop Culture squad is live-blogging the full episode from start to finish, and you know there'll be plenty of season 6 plot twists to keep the conversation humming. Join us for live reactions to the bevy of boobs, dragons, post-pubescent Bran, and God knows what else.