Watch ‘The Office’ Cold Open Featuring Michael Scott's 'Toilet Tragedy'

Ahead of Season 4 of 'The Office: Superfan Episodes' streaming on Peacock, NBC shared a never-before-seen cold open from the Season 4 episode "Job Fair."

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NBC is celebrating the New Year with a previously unaired cold open from The Office.

Ahead of Season 4 of The Office: Superfan Episodes, which hit streaming this weekend, Peacock shared a never-before-seen clip from the Season 4 episode “Job Fair.”

The clip begins with Steve Carrell’s Michael Scott screaming from the bathroom. After Dwight runs in to see what happened, we learn all of Michael’s belongings fell in the toilet, from his phone to his wallet to his candy corn.

Who says New Year's isn't a gift-giving holiday? @TheOfficeTV Season 4 Superfan episodes are available at midnight - including a cold open you've never seen before.

— Peacock (@peacock) January 1, 2022

“And then I got flustered and everything started falling in,” Michael shares. “My wallet fell in, my tip calculator, my candy corn, my white strips — all fell into the toilet. I threw the keys in out of anger.” Michael adds, “This cannot happen again.” Dwight notes, “That’s what you said last time.”

After the rest of their co-workers fail to maintain their laughter, Dwight points out, “Technically, it is toilet humor, which you claim to enjoy.” Michael doesn’t quite see that way, however, saying, “It is not toilet humor, it is toilet tragedy.”

Watch the unreleased cold open up top, and stream Season 4 of The Office: Superfan Episodes now on Peacock.

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