Brian Cox Explains How HBO Enlisted Him to Throw Media Off the Scent of Shocking ‘Succession’ Twist

Fresh off a major development in the latest episode of HBO’s 'Succession,' Brian Cox made an appearance on 'Colbert’ to discuss how it went down.

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Fresh off the instantly iconic turn of events in the third episode of the final season of HBO’s Succession, Brian Cox made an appearance on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show to discuss the shocking development.

*Succession Season 4 spoilers follow*

“I’m hopeless at keeping secrets,” Cox said about keeping the death of Logan Roy under wraps. “It was a triumph, an absolute triumph. I was very proud of myself.”

As seen in the clip up top, the 76-year-old revealed that the writers of Succession, in an effort to throw off paparazzi when filming Logan’s funeral, decided to film another scene in which the actor was present with the rest of the cast. 

“They invented this scene that I was to play at the church. I can’t remember the church, it was uptown, very fancy, big Catholic church,” Cox explained. “What happened was I was on my way to film this scene and I got the call saying, ‘We’re so behind, and it’s a scene that will never be used because it’s your funeral, so don’t come.’ And I thought no, I’d better go. I’d better go because I know there’s going to be a lot of paparazzi there, and as sure as eggs, I went there and as soon as I got out of the car they started clicking away. So immediately I was able to put off the fact that it was my funeral.”

Watch Cox’s full appearance on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show in the clips up top and below.

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