Watch Machine Gun Kelly Go Undercover in Hollywood to Find Out What People Really Think of Him

Machine Gun Kelly went undercover for the latest episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' and interviewed strangers to hear what they actually think about him.

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Machine Gun Kelly went undercover for the latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live and interviewed the public to hear what they think about him.

The actor and Mainstream Sellout musician hit the streets of Hollywood Boulevard to interact with strangers, a task Kimmel has previously given to Drake, Miley Cyrus, and Matthew McConaughey. With extensive tattoos covering with makeup and a very unconvincing wig at his disposal, MGK joked, “I feel like this is what the profile picture of all the people that hate me look like." 

Upon asking one of his interview subjects how they feel about Machine Gun Kelly, he was immediately met with, “Uhhh, I’m not a huge fan, I think his new direction’s a little forced.” He asked another stranger if they think MGK looks like Ellen DeGeneres, receiving a “no, I don’t see it.” When showed a side-by-die comparison, though, the person added, “Yeah, the bangs. It’s the bangs for me.”

At one point someone dressed as Spider-Man walked past and immediately identified him as MGK, leading him to get cursed out. “Spider-Man, you’re supposed to respect secret identities,” he said.

The 31-year-old born Colson Baker found another person who recognized him, mostly because of his height, and they revealed they actually jumped off a roof at one of his shows. “Oh my god you’re him?" Machine Gun Kelly replied. “Dude, you won MVP of that whole show!"

The final interviewee was asked if they think MGK smells bad, which led him to reveal his identity and offer the chance to smell him, receiving a verdict of “pretty good, my guy.”

Watch the full undercover reporter segment from Kimmel above.

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