Watch Sydney Sweeney React to Viral ‘Euphoria’ Memes Centered Around Her Character

In an appearance on 'The Tonight Show,' Sydney Sweeney offered her thoughts on some of the popular 'Euphoria'​​​​​​​ memes centered around her character.

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In a Tuesday appearance on The Tonight ShowSydney Sweeney offered her thoughts on some of the popular Euphoria memes centered around her character.

Around the 2:00 mark of the interview above, Jimmy Fallon highlighted just how popular the HBO series has become since its second season aired, especially online. “It became very big as far as memes go,” Fallon said, to which Sweeney replied with a laugh, “It did, [it] became very memeable.” It was at this point the talk show host pulled out the “I have never, ever been happier” meme of her character Cassandra “Cassie” Howard.

“I have sent that to my Mom,” she said. “She liked that one.”

Obviously, the moment in which the screenshot is taken from isn’t exactly a funny scene, which led Fallon to ask how she feels about performing such dramatic scenes. “I love them,” she replied. “What’s crazy, though, is this was the first scene we filmed coming back for Season 2. So, we had an entire year and a half break, and then that was the first scene we did.”

By the time the episode aired, Sweeney admitted she had “forgotten about the scene” because of how long filming took on the season.

The actress was then shown another meme that depicted her hiding in a bathroom during a party. “Me when the Doordash person knocks instead of just leaving the food there,” reads the meme, to which Sweeney joked, “But why is this so accurate?”

Fallon also highlighted the trend of people comparing Cassie’s outfits in high school to their own fashion choices in their youth. Fallon then pulled out a picture of what Sweeney actually looked like in high school, which clearly embarrassed the actress. “The best part, too, is my shoes. I’m wearing, like, army boots.”

At the 0:50 mark of the interview above, Sweeney also discussed how she had to convince her parents to let her pursue a career in acting. "My parents thought I was wanting to be a princess, that it wasn't real. You couldn't touch it. I was from a smaller town," she told Fallon. "So, I put together a five-year business plan presentation about what could happen if they let me."

Asked how she was able to put together a convincing PowerPoint presentation at only 11, she said she had Google to thank. “Google has a lot of information!” she said, admitting it “took a little longer” than five years to get her career off the ground. “It was a little harder than I imagined. … It’s not as glamorous as you think it is.”

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