The New 'Fast & Furious 9' Trailer Is Here

'Fast & Furious 9' is finally arriving in theaters this summer after a number of delays, and now there's a new trailer to whet the appetite of fans.

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Fast & Furious 9 is finally arriving in theaters this summer after a number of delays. Ahead of its release, Universal Pictures has dropped a wild new trailer featuring the return of some familiar faces.

Just like the previous action-packed trailer for the film, which introduced John Cena’s villainous Jakob Toretto, our second look at F9 shows just how much this series has committed to outdoing its setpieces every new entry. Tyrese Gibson’s Roman Pearce even takes a moment to list the ridiculous missions they’ve been on so far, and yet none of them compare to how the latest trailer ends.

Vin Diesel’s Dom turned his back on his brother Jakob, and now the whole crew needs to work together to take him and Charlize Theron’s Cipher down. That includes recruiting Sung Kang’s beloved character Han Lue, who was thought to have been killed in the 2006 threequel Tokyo Drift. He’ll also be joined by co-stars Lucas Black, Bow Wow, and Jason Tobin, all of whom appeared in the third entry of the franchise, which like F9 was also directed by Justin Lin. 

The cast of the film has long-teased that Fast 9 will feature a sequence set in space, and the trailer ends with a preview of that. That’s right, we’ve gotten a look at Tyrese and Ludacris heading outside Earth’s atmosphere in what looks to be a rocket fuel-powered car. There’s truly no faulting the creative team behind this franchise, because they clearly know what the audience wants. The trailer does not, however, offer a look at Cardi B’s character just yet.

In an interview with Collider, Justin Lin was asked if fans could ever witness a crossover between Fast & Furious and Jurassic World given that both franchises are owned by Universal, to which he replied, “I never say never to anything. Part of our philosophy is not to ever be boxed in or labeled. That’s all I will say.”

Michelle Rodriguez also shared enthusiam for it. “I’m all in! Once you reach a certain pinnacle, there’s nowhere to go, but to cross brand and merge… The only thing standing in the way is lawyers and studios. Usually the brands that you’re trying to merge belong to different studios. But if it’s under the same umbrella, I don’t know. I’m just saying, it works.”

Catch the latest Fast & Furious 9 trailer above, and look out for the film when it hits theaters on June 25, 2021.

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