'Game of Thrones' Fans Launch Petition Demanding HBO Remake Season 8

Despite some fans enjoying the latest 'Game of Thrones' episode "The Bells," the backlash against Season 8 has been harsh.

Game of Thrones/David Crotty
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Game of Thrones/David Crotty

Despite some fans enjoying the latest Game of Thrones episode "The Bells," the backlash against the rushed direction the show has taken in Season 8 has been very harsh. A large amount of viewers have reacted negatively toward the penultimate episode of the series, with many taking issue with the actions of Daenerys in particular. Some fans are so upset with how Season 8 and "The Bells" in particular played out, they've launched a petition urging HBO to remake the final season.

The recently launched Change.org petition was started by a fan who explained that their decision was due to co-creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss' "woefully incompetent" writing. So far, the petition has amassed over 50,000 signatures. With the blueprint provided by George R.R. Martin's source material no longer an option for the creators, they were simply given an idea of what the author had in mind for his final two books. Fans believe this is predominantly why the show has taken a perceived dip in quality.

While there were some outspoken critics of Season 8 from the start, the negative reception started ramping up after the third episode, "The Long Night." Viewers complained the episode was lit too poorly, while some thought the clash with the Night King was anticlimatic. Following the premiere of the peniultimate episode, however, fans have turned increasingly vicious.


Depending how you look at it, this is either viewers understandably disappointed in the quality of the final six episodes, or it's another case of entitled fans simply not getting what they want. Regardless, the petition can be signed here if you so feel inclined. The reaction to the final season of Lost is seeming quaint by comparison.

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