The Year in Thirst

Damn, 2015 was hot.

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Alright, lemme just throw this out here: 2015 got THIRSTY. There wasn't enough agua in the world for all of this year's thirst, regardless of if it was coming from our Instagram timelines, our televisions, or the big screens. We couldn't even tune into a presidential address this year without getting a little parched! (Maybe we have a problem.)

This is something that should absolutely be celebrated—thirst is healthy. So to do just that, we asked the squad to open up the darkest, most hidden parts of their hearts and reveal who had them doing this all year:

Be forewarned: the following might get a little NSFW.

Alicia Vikander

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President Barack Obama

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Michael Fassbender

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Michael B. Jordan

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Thirstiest Moment: When guy wore athletic gear for ALL of Creed.

Do you have a pulse? 

Then you can see how ridiculously attractive Michael B. (B for Bae—ugh, I'm not the only one who has made this bad joke before) Jordan is. He's been establishing himself as a great actor since he was a youth on shows like The Wire and Friday Night Lights and a leading man in Fruitvale Station and the bad (but good?) rom-com That Awkward Moment

2015 though has been the year where Michael B. Jordan flexed with two very high profile leading roles. First, in the unfortunate flop Fantastic Four, where he played Johnny Storm and then Creed, where he continued the Rocky legacy as Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo Creed. Due to these two roles, 2015 was an off-screen bounty of Michael B. covers and his impeccable red carpet wear. (Hi to all those well-fitted suits!)

But Creed really was where he thirst-trapped us all (or me specifically) because homeboy spends most of the movie showing off that insane boxing body while training, fighting, running, just standing (those shoulders!). 

On top of that, he's constantly wearing hot workout gear. And I mean HOT workout gear. Creed (other than being a very good movie!) is two hours of Michael B. Jordan in sweatpants. What did we do in 2015 to deserve that? Nothing. I cannot stress enough how great he looks in sweatpants. Maybe he should consider wearing sweatpants all the time. 

There might be one thing hotter than him wearing sweatpants though. In Creed, Adonis, despite his fuck-ups, is a decent man. He's goofy and sexy and driven and kind, which is the vibe Michael B. Jordan gives off in his IRL appearances. And in a world full of trash men, what's hotter than that? —Kerensa Cadenas

Krysten Ritter

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Kylo Ren

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