'SpongeBob SquarePants' Fans Weren't Happy With His Brief Super Bowl Appearance

SpongeBob barely showed up in the halftime show.

This is a picture of Spongebob.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

This is a picture of Spongebob.

SpongeBob SquarePants is a second language for the internet. So when the wider world heard that the NFL might include a tribute to the Nickelodeon show in response to a petition, they were more than a little excited. 

Fans were ready to see their favorite source of nautical nonsense tear through a rendition of his stadium-rock jam "Sweet Victory." What they got instead was a lot of fire, a ton of Adam Levine and about 10 seconds of Bikini Bottom. 

People who tuned in to hear SpongeBob weren't happy with the bait and switch: 

When spongebob came on in the halftime show, but sweet victory never plays. pic.twitter.com/SQupszUDqE

— RADZADproductions (@RADZproductions) February 4, 2019

They laid into the NFL for getting their hopes up. Viewers were ready to rock, and all they got was a boulder

When all they did was play a clip of spongebob instead of the whole sweet victory song at halftime pic.twitter.com/FaXA6qa6UZ

— tre (@RunsOnAloha) February 4, 2019

This was the halftime show we deserved. Spongebob deserves better pic.twitter.com/tutXYZs9HR

— Supreme Leader Senate (@DarthGasps) February 4, 2019

Current mood after they had Spongebob in the halftime show BUT DIDNT EVEN PLAY SWEET VICTORY pic.twitter.com/Dqyhq8rxe5

— mattress (@semattis) February 4, 2019

Watching the fake Spongebob halftime show clip like pic.twitter.com/rxXFgcaMAX

— NickyBeaster (@NickyBeaster) February 4, 2019

“wE’Re DoInG a SpOnGeBoB tRiBuTe DuRiNg ThE hAlFtImE sHoW”
𝑑𝑖𝑠𝑔𝑟𝑎𝑐𝑒𝑓𝑢𝑙 pic.twitter.com/7wUxUgPteW

— danielle morris (@DanielleM104) February 4, 2019

Given that SpongeBob is primo meme fodder, it took almost no time for the classics to come out.

The entire #superbowl halftime show in a nutshell: pic.twitter.com/L9EGP8WfLJ

— LOL Look At This Dude (@mcd_liam) February 4, 2019

Some viewers saved people who weren't watching live by creating abridged versions: 

Jumping jellyfish! #SpongeBob in the halftime show?! We're honored Goofy Goobers 💛 Thanks to all the fans and @trvisxx! #SBLIII pic.twitter.com/dxTO17KfwG

— SpongeBob (@SpongeBob) February 4, 2019

And others pointed out the thinking process of halftime show producers: 

For what it's worth, the sponge himself appreciated being included: 


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