‘Mid90s’ Producer and Illegal Civ Founder Mikey Alfred on Jonah Hill and Spike Jonze: ‘I’m Not Fans of Them’

Alfred says his friendship with the pair is canceled.

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Illegal Civilization founder Mikey Alfred has fallen out with Jonah Hill and Spike Jonze. He put the actor and director on blast during a recent episode of Big Boy's Neighborhood.

Alfred was there to promote his movie North Hollywood and went out of his way to send brief shots in the pair's direction. Big Boy was looking to wrap the interview, but Alfred asked for another chance to talk. Without delving into specifics, he made it clear he's no longer friends with either of them. 

"I did want to tell one story before we sign off. Just talking about that right now, it made me think of one thing. Spike Jonze, you know who he is? He’s someone that I don’t fuck with. He’s an older Hollywood guy that I thought was cool as fuck; and that I looked at as a mentor type. As I got closer, it was like, 'Wow, fuck you,'" he said.

"If I’m being real with you, it’s Jonah [Hill] too," he added. "Both of those guys, I’m not fans of them." 

Alfred co-produced Hill's Mid90s after Hill met Alfred at a screening. Hill knew the Illegal Civ mastermind due to his love of streetwear and asked the young L.A. entrepeneur to connect him with Earl Sweatshirt. Hill had hoped to cast the former Odd Future as the character Fuckshit. While it didn't work out, Alfred ended up handling much of Hill's directorial debut.

"I was there for a lot of the process over the past year—a lot of the script, I casted the whole movie, there's only a few people I didn't cast in it, and I just learned so much from him everyday," Alfred said of the movie in a 2017 interview with The Fader

In that same interview, Alfred shared how he met Jonze. He shadowed Jonze while the director followed and filmed a Frank Ocean tour. While he didn't go into details about either man and what their transgressions were, it's clear he's ready to talk.  We're likely to hear more about this surprising beef in the coming days.

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