Watch the Trailer for Jonah Hill's Directorial Debut Film, 'Mid90s'

Jonah Hill's directorial debut, 'Mid90s,' follows a 13-year-old boy's summer spent in Los Angeles, divvying up his time between the horrors of his home and the homeboys that he skates with.

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The last we'd heard from Jonah Hill, he was not only hitting up Kanye West's Ye listening party in Wyoming, but he turned up at this year's Jonah Hill Day. Hill's an icon for many, and today his fans have another reason to celebrate: he's set to release his directorial debut film, Mid90s, with acclaimed film house A24 (who are behind everything from Moonlight to Hereditary).

The film, which dropped its trailer this morning, follows Stevie, a 13-year-old boy who spends a summer in Los Angeles trying to survive the insanity of his home life. He finds one outlet: a crew of friends he meets at a skate shop. Immediate comparisons will be drawn to the 1995 cult classic Kids, but there's more heart and depth in what feels like a coming-of-age tale of a youngster trying to find himself in a world that might not necessarily want him.

From blending original samples to the bangers that use them, and loads of awesome skate footage, Mid90s feels more engaging and focused than other films of its ilk. Check out the trailer up above. Mid90s will be released Oct. 19.


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