Charleston White Was Attacked Onstage After Arguing With Audience Member

The comedian's alleged comments about the Lakers 2020 NBA Final got him into a on-stage brawl on Saturday night.

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Charleston White found himself in an altercation on stage.

The controversial comedian performed in Crockett, Texas, on Saturday night as part of a Christmas-themed event he was booked for. During his set, White allegedly questioned the validity of the 2020 NBA Finals, where the Los Angeles Lakers, led by LeBron James and Anthony Davis, won the championship after beating the Miami Heat

Controversial comedian Charleston White was attacked during his show

— Dexerto (@Dexerto) December 10, 2023
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The finals were infamously held in the “NBA bubble” at the Walt Disney World sports complex in Orlando, Florida, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing measures taken during that time.

Two Lakers fans in the audience did not seem to take kindly to White’s commentary.

“I don’t give a damn about getting booed, n***a. I already got paid,” White told the audience, as seen in footage that emerged on social media.

In the clip circulating online, a man sitting near the front of the stage suddenly stood up and revealed he was wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey. White antagonized the man, saying, “You paid to see me, Lakers jersey wearing ass n***a.”

White then grabbed a flower vase from the stage and warned, “Pull out some money. I’ll hit you on your god damn head, pussy ass n***a,” before throwing it at the man’s head. The audience is heard gasping as the man rushed the stage along with another individual wearing a Lakers jersey. 

The scene erupted into complete chaos as White is seen throwing the microphone in the first man’s direction before making his way to the other side of the stage. The comedian is seen picking up a chair, but before he can swing it, he is tackled by the second Lakers fan, and the fighting continues into the stage wing.

Charleston White woke up trolling the people who jumped him 😂😂😂😂

— The Menace 🥷 (@Charlestonwhyt) December 10, 2023
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“I just wanted to stand in front of the sunlight to let them n****s see. N****, I’m untouched, I’m unscathed, and I’m undefeated. We win again,” White said in a video following the brawl and in response to online chatter that he would wake up with “lumps and knots” on his head. “I ain’t got a cut, I ain’t got a bruise, Charleston White wins again.”

During a live stream with Adin Ross, White added more insight to the incident, claiming the Lakers fans were actually uncle and nephew. 

Charleston White explains to Adin Ross why he got jumped at his comedy show! 🤯😭

— The Menace 🥷 (@Charlestonwhyt) December 10, 2023
Twitter: @Charlestonwhyt

“His uncle had his arm around him like he was his girl, and they was the only two people in the crowd with basketball jerseys on. Everybody else had cowboy boots, cowboy hats, … and they were heckling me. So I accused them n****s of being a nephew and uncle who fuck each other,” said White.

White then claimed that the man, who was wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey, asked to come up onstage. He explained that he feared for his life at that moment which caused him to hit him with the vase.

White seems to have known that his comedy shows could spark altercations. In an undated video that surfaced after Saturday’s brawl, White detailed exactly what he would do if things got physical, saying, “If one of you n****s beat me up, guess what I’m doing? Boy, I’m pressing charges like a motherfucker … and then I’m taking my disability papers to a prosecutor’s office so we can enhance the charges, cause you jumped on a disabled person. A legally blind man.”

Damn Charleston white got jumped 😭

This him talking bout what he’s gonna do if he ever got jumped 😭💀

— Shannonnn sharpes Burner (PARODY Account) (@shannonsharpeee) December 10, 2023
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It’s unclear if White will follow through on his plans for litigation, nor if the event was able to continue after the brawl. 

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