Supa Emcee, Detroit Rapper Cut From ‘8 Mile,’ Arrested After Allegedly Stabbing Wife to Death

The victim, 49-year-old Kelly Ann Mays, was a domestic violence activist and poet.

Westland Police

Supa Emcee, a Detroit-area rapper whose scene was cut from 8 Mile, is facing charges after authorities say he stabbed his wife to death.

The suspect, legally known as Jimmie Brown, has been accused of stabbing 49-year-old Kelly Ann Mays 17 times inside of an apartment last week (Jan. 7), according to local network WDIV.

Mays’ daughter, Celeste, discovered her mother’s body when she went to the apartment, suspecting something was wrong.

“I touched her foot, and it was cold,” she told Fox 2 Detroit. “I have nightmares about it, so everytime I fall asleep, I see it … I hate [Brown] now, and he is no father of mine. Now I gotta fend for my sister and my sister’s 14, and it’s a lot of responsibility.” 

Authorities say that Brown turned himself in to the Westland Police Department not long after.

Per Fox 2 Detroit, Brown and Mays had been together for 13 years but reportedly had a history of violence in their relationship. Mays’ daughters had previously begged for her to leave Brown. The two eventually became separated at the beginning of the year, but still kept in touch.

Mays had been known as a domestic violence survivor, activist, and poet that frequently worked with Haven, a non-profit group in Oakland County, Michigan that provides outreach to victims, per WDIV.

“A beautiful poet, survivor, advocate and mother, and a truly beautiful soul,” said Haven CEO Christine Kinal. “Kelly Ann Mays played a significant role in touching the lives of those she’s encountered.”

Brown was charged on Wednesday with first-degree murder and remains in custody. He is set to return to court for his probable cause conference next Thursday. Brown could be facing life in prison if convicted.

During an appearance on the Kid L Podcast published in September, Brown said that his 8 Mile scene was left on the cutting room floor because the filmmakers shot the freestyle rap battle scenes incorrectly.

“I think the real reason why they took those clips out of the movie is because they shot it wrong, because they had us all battling him,” he said around the 15:35 mark.  If you ever was in a battle, I wouldn’t be in a battle… with 15 other rappers, and me just [battling] all of them … It doesn’t go like that.”

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However, he also claimed on the podcast that he still received royalty payments from the 2002 film even if he’s not in the final cut, adding, “Shit, I still get a check for that motherfucker. Every time y’all see 8 Mile, watch that shit, stream that shit, we still get checks for that shit. Thank you, Eminem.” 

The rapper’s arrest comes months after another 8 Mile alum, Nashawn Breedlove, a.k.a Ox, died from fentanyl and cocaine overdose in September at age 46. Breedlove’s character, Lotto, faced off against Eminem’s B-Rabbit in the film.

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