Funny Marco Brings Up Jaidyn Alexis and Druski Lookalike Comments Face-to-Face, Druski Responds

An upcoming episode of Funny Marco's 'Open Thoughts' show teases Alexis once again addressing her supposed resemblance to the comedian.

There’s only so many faces in the world, and some of them are bound to look alike. 

For Druski and Jaidyn Alexis, their uncanny resemblance to each other has been discussed online numerous times in the past. Now, Alexis is set to once again address the comparisons on the Open Thoughts show. 

In an Instagram post shared by Funny Marco ahead of the new podcast episode, the host is seen sitting across from the rapper. Behind them is a monitor with a side-by-side photo of her next to her supposed comedian doppelganger.

“Idk if @officialjaidynalexxis mad or happy,” wrote Funny Marco in the caption.

Druski caught wind of the post and commented, “Forgot I even did this interview,” which is in line with his past statements that he sees a bit of himself in one of the mothers of Blueface's children.

Based on her expression in the photo, it’s hard to gauge whether or not Alexis is bothered by the comparisons or is laughing along with everyone else.

She previously weighed in on the Druski lookalike allegations on an episode of the Bootleg Ken podcast published in June, saying, “I saw the side-by-side, I think it’s funny.”

Whether or not Alexis still feels the same way remains to be seen.

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