Viral Photoshopped Michael B. Jordan Photo Turns Into an IRL Encounter

Sometimes you've gotta shoot your shot.

michael b jordan fan

Image via Getty/Jeff Spicer

michael b jordan fan

Over the weekend, a photo Bolu Babalola tweeted of herself next to a Photoshopped Michael B. Jordan went viral. People online frequently help bring long lost friends and missed connections find each other, so Babalola decided to take a chance and see if Twitter would "do its thing."

It's upsetting me and my homegirls that people think this is photoshop. Please have some respect and stop being so cynical. Respect romance and stop trying to interrupt the course of true love. 🙏🏿 what's understood don't need to be explained❤. 📸 @FUERTESKNIGHT

— Bolu Babalola 🍯&🌶 (@BeeBabs) November 25, 2018

I am going to the Creed II Q&A tomorrow

— Bolu Babalola 🍯&🌶 (@BeeBabs) November 27, 2018

But what started out as a joke quickly turned into an IRL encounter when Babalola learned the Creed II actor would be visiting London, where she lives. 

I am still tripping that he happened to be in London just as I was pulling a stunt like this

— Bolu Babalola 🍯&🌶 (@BeeBabs) November 29, 2018

I stood up& asked a question about tenderness&romance in the film despite the brutality (💅🏿)&then I was like "um so speaking of romance" and then I was ended up being like "remember last summer" and explained but he KNEW& THEN HE SAID "you know we have to get a pic right?" And I

— Bolu Babalola 🍯&🌶 (@BeeBabs) November 28, 2018

Babalola pulled up to the Q&A and decided to really shoot her shot by telling Jordan, in front of the entire audience, about the viral photo. 

When @BeeBabs took the mic, I was like "yesss go on honey, take a chaaance"!

Creed 2.5: A Twitter Romance, co-starring @michaelb4jordan #Creed2 💕

— Michelle Owusu (@MichelleShanti) November 29, 2018

Ms Steal Your Man. Case closed.

— Bolu Babalola 🍯&🌶 (@BeeBabs) November 28, 2018

The night ended in a real photo of the two together. No Photoshop necessary. 

My statement

— Bolu Babalola 🍯&🌶 (@BeeBabs) November 29, 2018

Wow. Maybe there really is a god. 

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