Tyrese Roasted After Saying He Sets 'Heat on 90 Degrees Every Night' to Prevent COVID-19

The 'Fast & Furious' actor incorrectly said that he "prevents" catching COVID-19 by sleeping with the temperature set to 90 degrees every night.

tyrese covid

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tyrese covid

Can someone check on Tyrese

The singer and Fast & Furious actor is in the hot seat after posting a ridiculous caption to Instagram where he admitted to setting the temperature to 90 degrees when he sleeps in order to prevent himself from contracting COVID-19—a tacticthathasbeendisproved.

“One of my secrets for staying COVID free is I sleep with the heat on 90 degrees every night...... Been sleeping at this temp for 15 years so it’s nothing new.....,” he wrote. “But..... Rumor has it if you catch Covid it doesn’t survive warm temperatures.” 

First of all, what? 15 years? Why has Tyrese been sleeping in 90-degree rooms for 15 years? 

Second of all, he wrote this caption under a selfie where he’s sitting on an airplane and wearing a scarf instead of a mask—at a time when COVID-19 infections are increasing across the country. Make it make sense! 

To be fair, he does preface the post writing, “Random shit I think of on flights…” After his COVID safety tip, Tyrese quickly shifted the conversation to his thoughts on loyalty.

“another random thought is people are not loyal to you... They are loyal to what they want FROM you....,” he wrote. “I’m a self professed alpha empath..... My alpha will turn fragile insecure people away…”

Check out some of the hilarious reactions to Tyrese’s post below.

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