Peter Dinklage Says Tyrion Has a 'Very Good Conclusion,' Talks 'Game of Thrones' Final Season

Peter Dinklage’s era of playing the brilliant Tyrion Lannister is almost over, and in a new interview he recounts his final moments on set.

Peter Dinklage’s era of playing the brilliant Tyrion Lannister is almost over, and in a new interview with Vulture the actor recounted his final moments on set ofGame of Thrones.  

“It’s always anticlimactic for the character’s last day. Nothing is shot chronologically, so you don’t get some big mountaintop scene or anything,” he said. “It’s just, ‘That’s a wrap on Peter Dinklage.’ But as anticlimactic as it was, my last day was also beautifully bittersweet.”

He explained that even though wrapping characters can be a little anticlimactic, the cast often shows up for each other’s final days. Dinklage recalls one young actor’s final day being especially emotional for the entire crew. “I won’t say their name or their character’s name, but one of the young people on the show wrapped this past season and everybody was a wreck,” Dinklage said. “This person had grown up on the show, you know? They were a child and now they were an adult. And then they’re done. It’s like we were witnessing this person saying good-bye to their childhood. I know Game of Thrones is just a TV show, la-di-da, but it was our life.”

Dinklage wouldn’t really spill on how Tyrion’s story ends, which makes sense considering the crew has gone to insane lengths to prevent spoilers, but he offered a little about how he personally feels about it: “I feel very, very—I’m trying to find the right word. I think he was given a very good conclusion.” (The author clarified, "I took what Dinklage was saying here not as a suggestion that Tyrion dies, but rather his attempt to leave open the possibility that the character might meet that fate.")

Dinklage is apparently a huge fan of Rick and Morty. When asked what entertainment he’s been into lately, the actor unabashedly calls the cartoon "the greatest show in the last I don’t know how many years." “[Thrones creators] David and Dan turned me onto it while we were over [shooting Game of Thrones] in Ireland,” he explained. “I started watching and fell deeply in love.”

Read his full interview over at Vulture.

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