Gabrielle Union on Donating to March for Our Lives: ‘That’s Our Duty as Basic Human Beings’

Her Mother's Day thriller comes out this weekend.

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Gabrielle Union stopped by Jimmy Fallon’s show on Tuesday night to promote her new movie Breaking In, which drops in theaters this Mother’s Day weekend. Before the two went into detail about the movie, they chatted a bit about the Met Gala, which they both attended the night before.

“Do you enjoy those things?” Fallon asked, referring to the festivities of Monday night.

“I had a ball last night,” Union replied. “Last night it was like we came out of the shadows and were enjoying ourselves full tilt. We went all in.”

Union then began imitating how her mother would feel about last night’s extravagant party, whose theme was inspired by Catholicism. “Oh you guys wanted to play with Catholicism last night at the Met Ball? You wanted to play with Jesus?” she joked in a deep Midwestern accent. “You wanna play with Jesus and make him a theme? Jesus isn’t a theme. He’s in your heart.”

Fallon later asked about Union and husband Dwyane Wade’s decision to donate $250,000 to help kids in Chicago attend the March For Our Lives rally back in March. “We feel that that’s our duty as basic human beings that can afford to give a little bit more,” Union said. “We all got a lot as kids, and now that we’re in a position to give back we have to.”

Finally, the two talked shop about her forthcoming film Breaking In and why Union was so drawn to the lead role. Breaking In follows a badass mother as she attempts to save her children from men who have broken into her father’s extremely fortified house. “Who's more kick-butt than mothers?” Union asked. “What I love is that this woman is capable.”

Union also joined Fallon for a little skit playing off high school morning announcements. Watch that hilarious clip below.  

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