FaZe Censor Says Breakup With Yanet García Was About Much More Than 'Call of Duty'

The YouTuber says he didn't actually dump "Mexico’s hottest weather anchor" to play 'Call of Duty' full-time.

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It’s been a few months since professional gamer Douglas Martin aka “FaZe Censor” decided to break up with his super attractive, internationally beloved weather-woman girlfriend Yanet García in order to focus on playing Call of Dutyfull time.  

Martin faced massive backlash for his decision to cut things off with “Mexico’s hottest weather anchor,” and has since retired his Call of Duty career altogether. In a new video, as the Daily Dot points out, the YouTuber has shared the real reason behind their breakup.

“I see all over social media that I took a big L, that I dumped the hottest girl in the world,” Martin explains. “At first, I thought I’ll roll with the memes. Now, it’s to a point where people generally think this is how it went down.”

García and Martin were a typical youTube couple, until he allegedly pulled the plug on their three-year relationship in July over his burgeoning Call of Duty career. Throughout the 15-minute video, Martin flips the script by claiming that García attempted to score a percentage of his YouTube earnings and was controlling over his other relationships.

“Everything started to turn when I mentioned to her how much money could be made on YouTube,” he says. “At this time, YouTube wasn’t really that mainstream. Nobody really respected YouTube as a profession as they do now. So, when she understood how much money I was making on YouTube, she wanted to get a percentage of the videos I was making.”


Martin says he understands why García felt entitled to money, because she was helping drive views, but he laims he was already paying her bills and supporting her financially. Even without his Call of Duty career, Martin still attends to his 2.5 million subscribers. He says the “friction” caused by his YouTube career made the relationship “unbearable over time.”

Looking back, he realizes now that claiming the breakup happened over Call of Duty and distance made him look a bit ridiculous, and says he “felt really embarrassed and ashamed to break up with this sexy, hot girl, because I was afraid of getting flamed and roasted on social media. I didn’t help myself by saying it was for Call of Duty.”

In the video Martin also claims García gave him “ultimatums” about his relationships. “There were issues I didn’t like,” he says.

Since the video was released, García has tweeted a photo of Michelle and Barack Obama, writing, “A woman’s loyalty is proven when her man has nothing. A man’s loyalty is put to the test when he has everything.”

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