Season: 5
Air Date: 10/28/97

Some of the funniest episodes of Frasier involve cases of classic sitcom miscommunication. Characters think they have all of the information, but have actually misunderstood a key detail, and bumble about for half an hour because no three people talk to each other at the same time.

The formula fires on all cylinders in "Halloween," in which Roz tells Frasier that she may be pregnant, while Niles' imagination and paranoia get the better of him when he hears Frasier and Daphne shared a room together after a long night out. It all comes to a head at his Halloween party when he confuses Roz's situation for Daphne's, and assumes Frasier is the father.

This being Frasier, the hijinks play out against a high-society setting and high-brow quips, in this case propelled by a Halloween party that follows a classic literature character costume theme. Niles's drunken antics are made 10 times funnier by his ridiculous Cyrano de Bergerac costume, and Roz is a sight for sore eyes as O from The Story of O.