With more eyes than ever before fixated on online clothing drops during lockdown, the demand for more innovative ways of buying rare pieces of streetwear has only increased alongside the frenzied hype surrounding playing cards, NFTs and anything remotely collectable in 2021.

Keen to capitalise on this ever-growing trend while fusing it with his passion for streetwear is Brand van Remmen, based in Rotterdam. Brand started buying and selling streetwear and collectibles four years ago, but COVID lockdown in the Netherlands gave him the opportunity to dream about turning his personal passion into something more tangible. 

The result is ‘Bargain Boys,’ a worldwide auction platform for people to buy and sell streetwear and collectibles launched this month, that’s designed to improve on the model established by successful platforms such as StockX and Klekt.

“We will be offering a range of features that are unique to our platform,” Brand says, “First of all, each item uploaded to our platform is guaranteed to sell, which is different to other platforms where you set your ask or bid with no guarantee it will be matched. 

Furthermore, our fees are much lower than our competitors at 3.5%. Most platforms charge 10-15%.”But the point of difference doesn’t stop there. Sellers will also be able to trade used as well as deadstock items on the platform, broadening the range of sellers Bargain Boys can accept – and making them a different entity from other companies in the same branch.

Stock from brands such as Nike and adidas through to Supreme and Palace will be regularly updated through existing community members and Bargain Boys connections to various streetwear projects and groups in the Netherlands, with a larger variety of items becoming available as the platform grows. The Bargain Boys team will also be adding special items every month to give back to the community.

Check out Bargain Boys today and see if you can cop from your favourite brand.