Queen Latifah has shown herself able to do whatever she puts her mind to. The multi-hyphenate is a hip-hop legend and, as an actress, she can handle weighty dramatics as well as riffing. But there's one arena where we've seen only little of Latifah: action. Outside of her doomed roughneck Cleo character in Set It Off, Latifah hasn't had a chance to flex in the most muscular of genres. That's about to change with her new series, The Equalizer.

The series is a remake of an '80s series about a former secret agent turned vigilante who uses their skills to help out people down on their luck in situations where it's better if the law doesn't get involved. As Latifah's own Robyn McCall puts it in the trailer for the CBS series, she's "the one you call when you can't call 911."

The trailer implies that Latifah will be pulling off a balancing act between fistfights and gun battles and raising her daughter. It seems as though McCall has kept her CIA past hidden from her child, who starts to piece together the strange happenings as McCall gets pulled back toward her old life.

It won't be the first time that someone has attempted to breathe new life into the old IP. Director Antoine Fuqua made a grim, feature-length take on the story starring Denzel Washington in 2014. Latifah's take seems to be a bit brighter, however, and has the added bonus of the best possible lead-in: Super Bowl LV. The rebooted Equalizer will premiere on February 7, immediately after the game.

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