When you mind your own, contribute lots of laughter to society, and aren't an overtly problematic person, you too can bask in greatness such as Regina Hall's when you're 50. 

The comedy actress icon celebrated her milestone birthday on Saturday. But instead of showering people with affirmations or surface-level quotes about staying positive, Hall kept the festivities on brand by sharing her birthday with fans. The actress created a catchy—and hilarious—song about growing old that was accompanied by a homemade music video.

"Because laughter keeps you forever young I wrote a special song for a special Birthday," Hall captioned the video on Instagram. "Thank you to my co-stars @zoeterakes @kathebbss @gracevanpatten @tiffmonet for celebrating and singing with me! And thank you to @melvingregg for shooting directing and editing the video. Shout out to @natandalex and @xobarbodi for assisting."

"A bitch is old, today/I passed half my life expectancy," she sings. "But I've been told I still got good pussy/So Shout out, to all my old bitches."

Hall's catchy and funny song started to take over the internet. In the process, fans shared their love for Regina Hall while also reacting to her new birthday anthem.