Ahead of Dave Chappelle's appearance as the host on Saturday Night Live this week, Kenan Thompson sat down with Jimmy Fallon to talk about what it's like having one of his comedy icons around. He hyped up the comedian's sixth time hosting the show—the most recent being the first episode after the 2016 election—and he revealed he almost cried after Chappelle gave him a compliment.

"I know the show on Saturday is gonna be powerful," the show's longest-running cast member teased, noting Chappelle has experienced something of a resurgence in the four years since he last hosted. "He complimented us yesterday. He made an insane speech, you know, before the table read. Did the same thing years ago. The guy is such a prolific speaker, and he speaks from the heart, and a brilliant mind. And it's such a pleasure to be around."

Chappelle showed his appreciation not just for the whole cast, but Kenan specifically, too. "Yesterday [he] told me I was good at my job, and I almost cried, you know what I'm saying?" Thompson explained when asked about how it felt to stand next to Tracy Morgan, Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, and Chris Rock during the opening monologue of the Murphy-hosted episode last season. "The dude is...I mean, as far as the pinnacle of people I look up to in the voice of my generation, it's that guy."

Watch Thompson's interview on Fallon above.