John Mulaney is no stranger to the Saturday Night Live stage. In 2008, the 38-year-old comedian landed a highly coveted writing gig on SNL, and would eventually produce 22 episodes and appear as a number of characters.

This week, Mulaney returned to Studio 8H on Halloween as SNL guest host for the fourth time in four seasons. His opening monologue touched on watching New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's COVID-19 briefings and the 2020 presidential election. The comedian also urged people to vote. 

"You gotta vote, vote as many times as you can. Fill out every circle," Mulaney joked. "If there's a page that says 'don't write here,' write anything you want—that’s your space as an American."

The last time he hosted the show was on Feb. 21, shortly before SNL halted in-studio production due to the global pandemic. Mulaney addressed the coincidence in this week's SNL promo, in which he jokingly took blame for the lockdowns.

"And when was the last time you hosted?" cast member Ego Nwodim asked him.

"February 2020," Mulaney replies.

"And what has happened since then?"

"A global pandemic that ruined everything," he said.

"John Mulaney you cursed us!"

"Yeah... sorry about that!," he said with a grin.

You can check out Mulaney's monologue in the YouTube video above. This week's episode also featured musical guests The Strokes.

In other news, next week's post-election SNL episode will feature Dave Chappelle. The comedian also hosted the 2016 post-election SNL episode.