Joe Rogan welcomed Donnell Rawlings to his podcast this week, ultimately resulting in an appearance by the comedian's friend and collaborator Dave Chappelle, who’s fresh off once again hosting Saturday Night Live immediately following a presidential election.

Chappelle walks in about two hours and twenty minutes into Rogan and Rawlings' discussion. After Rogan caught Chappelle up with the conversation, he shared some thoughts on the U.S. moving forward after the pandemic, which is still very much an ongoing cause of concern.

"I'm far from an economist, but I will say that planning for your future is a good thing," Chappelle said. "It's a necessary thing. Even though it's uncertain, you have to remember the sun does rise every morning. So just keep moving." Getting more specific, Chappelle noted that while COVID-19 has been a global crisis, the U.S. has responded to it in a particularly shitty way.

"I've never seen this before," Chappelle said. "You've never seen something as large as the American economy stop and then start back up. But it's a global phenomenon. It's not like it's just happening to us. We're just handling it terribly."

Close to the three-hour mark, the trio went long on how the U.S. tends to default to a feeling of disrespect for older people.

"I feel like, here in America, we just discard people," Chappelle said. Speaking on how that behavior was evident during the 2020 election, including criticism of Biden's age, Chappelle pointed out the ridiculousness of Trump's participation.  

"That's what I mean," he said. "I like when Trump calls the elderly 'the elderly' as if that somehow doesn't apply to him."

For the entire episode, which also includes a deep-dive on the impending COVID-19 vaccines and Chappelle's vow that he will return to Rogan's podcast "after the inauguration" for a full interview, catch the YouTube video up top and/or listen on Spotify.